Camping's not just for Yellowstone anymore
Tuesday, June 22, 2010, 10:42 PM

Last week it was Lakers mania at the Staples Center. They won. Excitement abounded. I wore yellow to work on Friday.

This week, it's Eclipse total. Freaking. Madness. These people are camping out four days in advance of the movie premiere. Just look at those tents spread all out on the concrete in front of the big screen at the Staples Center. Whoa, some cool looking tents there... (Incidentally, this concrete is also where I did my Zombie March, Booty Swim of shame on October 24, 2009. It might be a toss up on whether Hollywood Boulevard or Staples gets more play.)

I'm a TwiHard girl, but the calm, cool and gleefully supportive of the franchise kind of TwiHard girl. It's cheesy. It's fun. It's romantic. It's me all over. But I sure as hell wouldn't be camping out four days in advance just for a wee chance at getting in. I think it's ree-dick-yoo-lous to scream, slobber and generally lose all sense of decorum over human beings who put their undies on the same way I do. They already get paid way too effin much. Plus! I think I'd rather go to the dentist and get a tooth pulled than to rub shoulders with a bunch of screaming girls at this kind of event. Oh, the horrah.

Well, unless I had a few drinky-poos first. Still, it ain't gonna happen. The movie's not going anywhere, Eclipse will still be showing in IMAX format two weeks after June 30th. 

Mmm, it do look promising. [insert tiny adult-like squee]


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