Dreams aren't enough
Sunday, February 28, 2010, 5:53 PM

I thought I could say goodbye to Unhinged, but I kept thinking of opinions I'd read before about people who up and abandoned their blogs with no warning whatsoever. I didn't think it'd matter, you know? The only person I have to own up to is the one who looks back at me in the mirror, but her eyes are getting sharper as fast as they are getting weaker. She doesn't let me get away with anything, not for long, anyway.

Have you ever had the thought that you were born to make a difference? You don't know how or why or when, but you just had this feeling that someday, somehow, you would do something that makes your time here worth living?

Because I used to feel that way. I used to feel that way during the very worst moments of my life, and there were many fuckawful moments, but I was never despondent for too long due to that magical difference idea thing. I want it back.

I don't want to act my age if it's going to cost me the dream that kept me going for so long, but I sure as hell wish I would do more than dream. A dream is safe. But that's all it is sometimes.

I apologize to anyone still reading who may want to comment (I kind of hope no one is no longer reading). For now, I want to write with the expectation of no responses, no responsibility. Sometimes, it's enough just to be heard. And it's all I want right now. I could go anonymous to do this, but I can't let go of Unhinged. She is me and I am her.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .