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Monday, November 28, 2005, 4:16 PM

"It's not over ... until I SAY it's over."
~Nikita to Operations in the episode End Game

Have you ever been obsessed about something? Ever stayed up into the wee hours of the morning on a week night because the show you just had to see didn't air until then? Ever dreamed yourself into, oh, I don't know ... a fiction character's arms? Googled your obsession so you could find other, like-minded souls? Then hung out with them on message boards dissecting and debating character intent, plot holes and the too-infrequent WMS (wild, mindless sex) scenes until years passed and you suddenly realized that you knew these faceless strangers better than your family?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am still an LFN-aholic. I am crazy-sick over a Warner Brothers television show that was called La Femme Nikita. The show is based on a gritty French movie that I had to watch through my fingers. (This movie also spurred an American remake called Point of No Return.)

So what is La Femme Nikita? For a good answer, let me nudge you to Billie Doux' website. I found this web site when I Blogger searched for La Femme Nikita posts. Imagine my surprise when I found an unlikely LFN-aholic in an ALIAS show lover! Billie Doux has a swanky knack for reviewing shows and she's already said it better than I can. You will love this show. You will become obsessed by this show. You will join me on The Dark Side. Michael is mine, though.

There are a lot of LFN-aholics Out There, but only a few can write the kind of insightful reviews I read at Billie Doux' website and Blog. She's good. Not just because she can write well and not just because she loves the show, although that certainly doesn't hurt, but because she zoned right in on certain character traits from La Femme Nikita characters that are now trademarks of ALIAS characters. For example, La Femme Nikita's Michael Samuel's economy of movement and expression also belongs to ALIAS' Jack Bristow.

And-and-and, she picked right up on the fact that these two frustrating-yet-excitingly-so enigmatic, highly intelligent, master-manipulator characters are, for women, one of the show's major draws, if not the major draw. Well, I'm not a fan of the show ALIAS, so I don't know which sex dominates its fan-based cyber boards, but it was certainly true of Michael's character in La Femme Nikita. I think it was a toss-up between Madeline and Nikita on which character took second place.

So naturally, I consider this a sign from On High that I should resurrect O-Bug (web-schmeb, I think he should have a Blog in Today's World) and fulfill my dream to flesh out those mind-twisting and sometimes plot-problematic episodes. By the time I get to Season 4 I should be a pro, which is a good thing because I think the writers were snorting coke by then.

I'm aware that there are a few well-meaning folks who would like to suggest that I work on my own writing, and I want to tell them that I will. (When I'm ready.) For now, I want to revisit Section One because dreams die hard and this one isn't over until I say it's over.

Billie Doux reviews science fiction and cult television shows. Go see.

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