Sunday, August 03, 2008, 5:26 PM

So I signed on to the Internet as per usual, clicked my firebox ball of blue and red...and saw a google spam mail that procliamed Michael Jackson was dead?


I wouldn't believe it.

I went straight to CNN. Believe what I might about Michael Jackson, he will always been an iconic figure of my teeny-bopper-hood. One of the few times Oogie allowed us up past nine o'clock on a school night was the night Michael Jackson first unleashed Billy Jean during a Motown Special. His Thriller album was thisside of taking the nation by storm.

Here's a Billie Jean replay:

Which is, er, um, thrilling.

But this is my favorite. I love the moves. I love the dance. I'm into the charisma. Stand back.

I like what I like.


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