Zombie dance: not just for Thriller anymore
Monday, June 28, 2010, 9:00 PM

I learned the Zombie March last fall to honor Michael Jackson's passing, and when I saw this YouTube video of (what I think is the Glee cast) dancing to one of my favorite songs, I started doing the shoulder-neck jerk thing. 

Zombie March.

Safety Dance.

What's not to like? (Plus, I think MJ would've gotten a kick out of this.) Check out the awesome:

Sadly, I can't move like this. Never could, although I had lots of fun trying. I ended up feeling sore, but enthusiastic and like I was on top of the frigging world. There's just something about making a fool out of myself next to 3,999 other people.

Meanwhile, I am exhausted as per usual lately. I have one of two theories:
  1. You stayed up too late
  2. Yeah, you really think you can make it without two of your coworkers for long

My closest coworker left for a new job last week. It's almost like losing a family member and I don't think my head and heart have recovered yet. The other coworker is on vacation. How dare he?

Plus, there's the suspicion I was a night owl in a former life.

Whichever it is, I know tomorrow will be better, especially if I go to bed now.

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