I'd count the stars
Wednesday, August 13, 2008, 8:16 PM

...but it's easier to count the empty Sparkletts bottles.

All I wanna do bang, bang, bang and take your muh-nay. I love this song by MIA called Paper Planes. This is a crazy dance video someone shared.

So I haven't said much worth reading lately. (Sorry. I've been dividing my time between work, Keanu and Edward. What can I say?)
Um. It's a bad idea to stuff a Ritz cracker in your mouth and cough before you've swallowed it.

My best moments lately seem to come in blurts.
Verb (foll. by out) to utter suddenly and involuntarily [probably imitative].
If they gave awards for blurting? Honey, I'd be a bronze contender at the very least. Witness the following (that I have shared in emails, comments and cell-phone texts):

I take perverse pleasure in flushing the toilet when someone's next to me in the stall talking on a cell phone.

Me? I'd have to scream. I can't run, kick or punch, but I've been told I have a hell of a scream.

Hello, I would like to make a reservation for 4 in San Diego on Saturday, September 6.

Yeah, so, I suspect you have a deluge of email by now, everybody eager to clap you on the back and slobber while doing it, dang them all. But I'm going to be Miz Joan Kul and just say woo.

I'm finally ready to post a blog post and there's something wrong with my internet connection. Can't get on to anything but gmail. I tried Firefox and IE. Restarted my computer. Unplugged wires. Did the jiggy. Nothing.

Oh, fuh cripes sake. Please overlook my dang word spellings.

Pardon me while I bang my forehead against my desk a few times.

Life is the same here for me. We're in August, which is one of the most unbearably hot months in LA (September being the other). By the time I make it to work in the mornings, I'm ready for another shower.

It's someone else's turn to be Killjoy.

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