Christmas in July
Thursday, July 22, 2010, 10:44 PM

...Well, why not? Somewhere in Earth's southern hemisphere, it's cold enough for a wintry blizzard.

I've been reading back through old blog posts on my AOL Journal and laughing about how naively wacky I came across. I covered everything from the abdominal/abominal/whatzit snowman: 
"So how do you spell the uh-bomb-uh-duh-ble snowman?" I asked my mom, Oogie.
"Abominable snowman."

"Are you sure? Triple-dog sure?"

"You're talking to the queen of spelling," she reminded me. "Go over to Word, type it in, and check it. Never question your mother."

To locating Styrofoam balls for my Lifesaver's Men: 
What you need: Lifesavers. Ping-Pong size Styrofoam balls (you can find these at a sewing supplies store--I found mine at WalMart). Yarn. A crochet hook. Multi-colored push pins. Star-shaped foil confetti. Patience.

To the year I made Oogie work for her presents (designer couch pillows) in a scavenger hunt.  
...I forget all the hiding places and clues I left with each pillow on where she could find the next one, but I remember where I hid the last pillow. My clue told her that she'd find the last one in the dirtiest place in the house. She gasped and jumped up, then ran to the oven and pulled the door open with a creak. Voila!
Some of my very best memories are Christmas-related. Which makes me want to celebrate Christmas again right now. Who says it's just for December? Who says it's just for kids?  


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