Stuff I haven't said here
Thursday, March 02, 2006, 6:22 PM

Volume One of stuff I've said or written to others lately ... but not here.

It was rush-rush-rush for the past week or so, and then splat. I'm wilting over like wet angel cake.

I had a dream someone came knocking at the door at 3:30 this morning. Woke me right up, made me wonder who the hell would be knocking on a door at such un ungodly hour. Wasn't no freaking way I was going to answer the door, so I went back asleep and I dreamed about kitties turning into human boys. During this amazing (and kind of scary) kitty morph feat, my blog was racking up an astronomical number of hits and I won some kind of prize because of it--something dumb, but cute, like a stuffed hotdog.

I've got bruises everywhere. Hands. Arms. Thighs. Left bun. God knows where that came from. Wouldn't have seen it, but my new apartment has this swanky dressing room with mirrors all around and lo, there it was in all its purple glory.

Hell no, I didn't write back. I never write the feet admirers back.

Yeah, I swing by her blog every now and then. I've been getting a lot of referrals from her blog--people who click my blog from hers. I suppose everyone is wondering what's going on.

I haven't noticed any red bumps, thank God.

I'd just show up. Element of surprise and all, you know? Especially if you're going to dress the way he likes. You might get that public choke of surprise yet. Why spoil it all by letting him know you're coming?

Geeze. I guffawed like a fool over this.

You be nice and do what you want for him when you want. If it gives you peace of mind, I'm all for it. If he doesn't acknowledge it, fark him. But at least you know you're trying to do what you can. His attitude can't take that away from you.

I will miss the death of an Indiana winter blooming into spring. I always loved that feeling. It's like finally, finally crawling out of a cold, dark hole and inhaling sweet relief.

You haven't told me diddly squat, but I've been wondering.

Well, but don't 'cha know, don't 'cha know? You guys have been receiving my would-be ranty blog entries.

Could be worse. There could be a snake in the john.

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