Chocolate cravings
Friday, February 10, 2006, 8:18 AM

I recently read a brief online article about how drinking wine (or any kind of liquor) is supposed to curb your sweet tooth. And you'd think it'd make sense, too. Before I took that wine appreciation class at Belmont Liquors years ago, I never would have thought to pair a rocky road cookie with Cabernet Savaugnon (and it's contradictory to what I'm writing here, gah, someone save me). A cookie and wine together seems gross, doesn't it? But it wasn't.

Anyway, consumption of booze is supposed to curtain a sweet tooth. I forget why; I can't be bothered to remember those kind of details. But I will tell you that it's not working. My chocolate craving is strong as ever. Or maybe I'm not drinking enough wine. Hmmm. A wine vice or a chocolate vice? Decisions, decisions.

It's too early to decide. Tune in next week.

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