Pain in the butt advertising
Monday, October 09, 2006, 6:44 PM

L.A. has plenty of everything. You name it, the city has a least fifty different varieties of it. A girl could easily go gray trying to decide between Prada and Manolo Blahnik, not that I would know about it, but one day I might. Advertising is everywhere Who is Brad Lenz? and I’m not talking about the TV, radio or cell phones. I’m talking about the posters that cover the sides of buildings, bus's, bus stop benches and sometimes, even the sidewalk, all of it doing its best to interrupt my life.

Who is Brad Lenz?

The first time I saw this message last September, it was taped to a utility pole. I wondered briefly about who Brad Lenz might be and then went on with my life, but I began seeing the question everywhere. Sometimes it’s scratched into the cement: Who is Brad Lenz? I’ve found it spray painted across a bus bench, stapled to a utility pole, somehow adhered to the ground, and on the sides of fences. And then I saw and said ah-hah! because I could now discover who this argen fargen person was and who cares who you are, Brad Lenz?

But I forgot. There was always something else to do online and I never have gotten around to listening to that tape on how to increase my memory. Besides, I’m mad at this guy for wasting so much of my time making me wonder who he is. I don’t care, but the question isn’t letting me forget that I don’t care. Who does he think he is? Creep.

I saw the question again tonight. Who is Brad Lenz? So I went to the site and all I have to say is you make me ill, Brad Lenz.

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