Get your haute couture funk on
Sunday, March 16, 2008, 5:56 PM

There's this shop I pass every day on the way to and from work that has the neatest, funkiest dresses. They're pricey as hell, too, not that I would consider buying one. Where would I wear it?

(Oh, wait. There's a cocktail party coming up that Keanu is hoping I'll attend. He'll have to buy the dress for me, though.)

The dress you see here is actually a tame version of funk, even if it does have off-the-shoulder sleeves and a crotch-high front slit. Most of the dresses are two-parters with ruffled, transparent skirts and gem-encrusted bodices. Sometimes there are hats to match, but always there is the long necklace of peace. It comes in a variety of colors also.

This is the dress photo that almost landed me in jail last Thursday. It's not even a great photo, either, but it's the only one that turned out well-ish. There I was, snapping photos of the window display in the midst of a crowd, when a woman steps out of the shop and asks if she can help me.

"Oh, no," says I. I'm just photographing potential attire for a novel character. And/Or, for blog fodder.

That's when she got nasty. "We don't allow photos. Please erase them."

I was appalled. Then why did they even have a window display? The name of the game in Hollywood is how creative you can get with your window display. They go all out here (maybe that should be the theme of my next Thursday 13). And isn't the express purpose of such dramatic window displays to hook interest? Isn't it a form of advertising? And they didn't want me to photograph their window display?

I turned and ran.

Okay, so I didn't barely escape jail--I just felt guilty for not giving in to the woman's wishes, because I usually do. Maybe I shouldn't have run. Maybe I should have presented my case, but you know, it's better to pick battles wisely. Besides, I can just take another photo on the way to work, when no one's there.

Peace OUT.

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