No more Rice Krispies
Sunday, October 26, 2008, 6:07 PM

The trust is BROKEN
It's the latest installment of you've GOT to be kidding me. Actually, I have more than one, so I'll settle for the most inconvenient of them: I can't surf the Internet at work anymore. Somehow, some way, I've downloaded viruses onto my computer and I have no idea how it happened. It's not like I play games, visit porn sites, or download information from unknown sources. But obviously something slipped through the cracks and now I'm afraid to even check my email.

I figure this could be a good thing in the long run, once I get over the habit...the need...the damned inconvenient surf. Things happen for a reason, right? But meanwhile, a habit is hard to friggen break.

Why, that'd be a cool movie
I've been waiting somewhat patiently for Jean Auel's sixth (and final) book of her Earth's Children series. It's been six years since the release of The Shelters of Stone and I am aching to get back to Ayla's struggle with and acceptance of the Spirit World. Will she ever learn what became of her Clan son, Durc? How will the series end? Every time I re-read the series, I feel the same unanswered questions prick me in the ass. I wonder and I dream. What the frick is going to happen next? Which is one of the best reasons for having an imagination, so I can't be 100% miffed.

But I still think it'd be damn cool to make a movie of this series TODAY. The movie made in the 80s with Daryl Hannah didn't even the scratch the surface of the first book's complexity. And if there are going to be movies made of American Pie 105, or Freddie Krueger the 8th, or spoofs like Super High Me, why can't they spend money on a remake of a worthy project like Clan Of The Cave Bear? Ayla's life could demonstrate years worth of real survival and courage to the likes of Spears, Locklear and Andi any effin day.

Twilight Slammers
This is a difficult one to admit to, even to discuss, because from what I've seen online, people seem to be in one of two camps and I'm in neither. Either you're in the well-written, nose-snubber camp and can list five reasons off the top of your head about why Edward Cullen is more of stalker than a lover, and Bella Swan is just a sexually-repressed social outcast; or you're in the rabid OME teenager's camp, more concerned about protecting the main star's online images and making youtube vids of your [hilariously] idiotic reactions to the movie trailers.

And obviously I've spent a minute too many concerning myself with either camp. I don't want to generalize, but the bitching and moaning (and here, moaning is good) over the book and the movie is ruining my fun.

That is all.

Greetings, Earthling
No firm commitment yet about NaNoWriMo (I can't even make myself do the things I NEED to do). I'm sorry for the radio silence and the slow-down of comments on other blogs, but my brain has been captured and my energy ripped away. Someone ate the last of my Rice Krispies the other day, and left an empty carton of milk in the fridge.

Please send ET with a one-way ticket.

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