Oh my God, no
Tuesday, March 28, 2006, 7:54 PM

Sniff, sniff

I just got back from a big, BIG kinda party (wha-hah-hah) where I ate lamb, veal and a raw kind of something or other. It was chewey and I had a hard time swallowing it.

And, uh, I drank lavendar flowers with a splash of vodka. (Blame it on Holly-fricking-wood.) However, I have it on the best of authority that vodka doesn't stink--that you can't smell vodka on someone's breath in the morning. So I drank two or three of the lavendar pear vodka things. God.

Now I just want to barf. I wonder if I can call in tomorrow?

Well. That's what I've been up to today.

3 Did the Unhingey Jiggy Engage in Unhingenosity
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