Saturday, March 18, 2006, 8:32 PM

It's Saturday night. I'm home. So is my neighbor with the sound system. By the intermittent base-like droning coming through the wall, she must be watching an adventure. It's not loud to be annoying, just loud enough not to let me forget she draws breath, too.

Earlier today, my neighbor upstairs was listening to some kind of Indian music with drums. There was a lot of repetitive sounds, beats, whatever. After a while, it became ... sort of soothing. Especially when I was hearing the same song for the fourth time. Then I felt like laughing, because I understand that kind of repetitive mania.

But I don't foist my pesky manias on others. That's the difference.

Right now I have a headache. And a slight stomach ache, probably because I ate one chocolate too many. If I thought it'd help, I'd hide the pieces of chocolate around this place to slow myself down, but I think I'll just put the bag in the freezer instead. Frozen chocolate doesn't taste as good as room temperature chocolate.

I haven't felt creative or inspired much lately. In small bursts, yes. Like one day this week when I was walking to work. The weather was beautiful, the morning air smelled great and I wished I'd had my camera with me. And I want to start hanging things in my apartment, but I'm missing my hooks for the bamboo rods that my fabric hangs from. And then there's the nagging urge to do my taxes. The dishes. The laundry.

I'm going to do them all tomorrow. Oh, such excitement! Such is the glorious life of a Hoosier hottie in LA.

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