Shortly so
Monday, March 06, 2006, 5:43 PM

An early, fuzzy photo of Andrea's bedroom in her swanky studio apartment.

I finished unpacking all of my boxes today. All of the knick-knacks are out and the bookshelves are full with books, candles and glass thingy-mah-bog-jigs. It's looking like a home and I couldn't be more pleased. I love this little place. I wish it was cheaper, yeah, and I wish the kitchen was bigger, but I feel like this place is mine and that's damn good. I sat in the huggy chair today and eyed everything, then I moved over to the dining room and sat in one of those chairs and eyed everything. I love it! Plum, black, brown, rust, tan, sage green. I love those colors together. Ewwwwww, hug me.

Did I tell you that I lost my hammer? And my screw driver and all of its bits? Yep. They were both loose, not packed in boxes, because I used both on the day of my move. And now they're gone. I'm angry and sad about that. Either I've conveniently misplaced both in a shoe I no longer wear, or they were still on the truck after it pulled away, or one of my movers absconded with 'em. Damn, my luck with movers and moving sucks.

I'm still too tired to do an artful entry, one that makes sense from the beginning paragraph to the ending sentence. I kind of made myself a promise once I came over here to Blogger. No more brainburn type of entries that leave people shaking their heads at the monitor. If you're going to blog, dammit, make it something good.

Well, too damn bad. You'll just have to settle for the sound of the rocks knocking about in my head.

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