A call to arms
Thursday, June 29, 2006, 6:28 PM

On September 11, 2006, I will be one of 2,996 bloggers who will write a tribute to a victim of 9/11.

This is a project headed by D. Challenger Roe, who is asking for volunteer bloggers to honor one person out the 2,996 lost on 9/11 with a tribute this coming September 11th. I thought it was a wonderful idea, and I signed up to both promote it and to remember one of the people lost that day.

Once I signed up, I was e-mailed the name Joseph J. Coppo, a municipal bond trader who was at the World Trade Center that day. With Mr. Coppo's name came a number of helpful links that gives me some of the background on who he was, so it's not like I'm flying blind here. I bet D. Challenger Roe sends this kind of research with each name sent to volunteers. It's a worthy project and I hope you'll be one of the 2,996.

I know my tribute will be the most difficult, most important post I'll write here at Unhinged.

It'll also be the easiest.

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