Smell that?
Saturday, November 04, 2006, 7:59 PM

I blew my nose today and smelled the pulp of an orange. I was drinking an orange Slice at the time but I still think it’s cool because the power of smell often outranks taste. An orange smells better than it tastes, just like popcorn does, so it was unexpected treat for me, that smell of pulpy orange. Who says blowing your nose has to be an inconvenience?

On Halloween, I was a prom queen wannabe. I wore a gorgeous yellow bridesmaid dress and my pink Mary Janes. Photos to come (hint, hint). It was a wild, crazy kind of night and there were a lot of pretty guys wearing stilettos, wigs and more makeup than I was. A lot of them looked better than I did, which makes me feel more than a bit miffed. Our world is so unfair.

Neo from The Matrix is working at a hamburger joint on Santa Monica. I creamed my panties when he glanced my way, almost sucking a piece of romaine into my lung. (Trinity is dead, remember?) Anyway, it’s those glasses, that unsmiling, full-lipped mouth, and the long black coat that swirls around his ankles that gets me. I love a sexy tormented man. I love Keanu Reeves. And Anakin Skywalker. Michael Samuel. Mr. Darcy. The Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Angel. And Wesley.

My place smells wonderful right now. I dusted today so I smell lemon Pledge, fresh flowers, and spiced pumpkin candles. It’s amazing how these scents, coupled with a clean apartment, can make me feel so good.

Makes me want to blow my nose again just so I can really experience the stink of it all.

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