Don't swallow that pill
Monday, July 16, 2007, 6:59 PM

So I'm behind again.

Anyway, I finally saw Babel this weekend. Most of the movie made me feel like I had ants in my pants because I just couldn't believe what was on the screen.

Good frigging grief, don't give your kids a rifle!

How old is that kid? EIGHT? And he's MASTURBATING? (I wonder how embarrassing it was during the filming. Poor kid.)

Ah, Moracco doesn't look anything like I thought it stone buildings with pointy windows, no water canals...just bumpy desert rock. (Note to self: go to Colorado instead. And if you ride the bus, pick an aisle seat.)

Put your panties back on!

No, idiot! Don't swallow that pill from a boy you just met ten minutes ago!

Idiot! Don't take those kids into Mexico without the parent's permission. Don't do it....

I just know something bad's going to happen.

Stupid music.

I can't decide if Amelia is a good woman, or a bad woman.

Hah, that's a good way to get out of seeing the dentist.

Uh oh, I think that was a REAL chicken.

I can't take this any more.

My head was pounding before I got to the middle of the movie, but I made it through the entire thing. I guess I liked it, even though it pissed me off so many times I lost count. Maybe that's the point. Not being heard (understood) would give anyone a headache. Only it almost gave me the runs.

I am SO lucky I live in the USA.

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