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Monday, June 18, 2007, 2:00 PM

I don't know why yet, but I'm trying to eat more healthy nowadays. I sucked down two bottles of Odwalla this weekend, ate two bananas, three tomatoes and too much cauliflower. I ended up feeling gross. Every time I burped, I tasted cauliflower. Today, my dang stomach's still upset. I don't know how the vegans do it. Makes me bloat even more just thinking about it.

There's something wrong with my computer. And I had the worst urge to write this weekend! So I did. Like I used to in the olden days: I hand wrote. On paper. While hunched over my kitchen table. Ended up taking a bunch of aspirin, too, because writing for any length of time makes my head, neck, arm and back ache. Oh, the sacrifice.

My sister has been bugging me about moving to Michigan, the land of horrible winters. I can't believe I'm actually considering it. (But that's all, Oogie. Just considering.) My main hangup about moving again? I don't want to have to buy a car and pay for car insurance. I don't want to have to drive to work. I've been spoiled, spoiled, I tell you. I won't even think about the pain of hunting for a new job.



I'd rather eat a can of lima beans. And that's something else I did this weekend: I ate lima beans. They were as awful as I remembered, too, even smothered under butter and pepper. Yes, I have a rip-roaring life here in L.A.

This morning I got an e-mail from my ex. He's selling our house. My belly did flip-flops when I saw the place. Especially those gardens that were such godawful hard work. A bird pooped on my back there (oh, shit, LOL), I narrowly escaped a hive of killer bees there, and a racoon temporarily made his home in the attic. And ... and ... and I used to live there and I'm sad about leaving and feel displaced all over again. Like Kat said, I feel like I'm just one crying jag away from being Paris Hilton.

Monday, huh?

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