Desensitize THIS
Thursday, November 15, 2007, 7:03 PM

My hardwon efforts of late:

She breathed hard with the exertion of denial, tried to get a grip on the anger, horror and revulsion of watching the guard attack a girl who couldn't be more than tweleve-years-old.

"You'll review this until you're desensitized," he said in his monotone voice.

Review until-

She looked up at him until the tears came, then turned away to focus on the scarred corner of the desk. Anything but the monitor. [sounds]

Long moments passed before she could speak without wanting to put her fist through his chest. Appearing weak and emotional in front of him was becoming intolerable, and though she felt like a fool for caring about it at all, this kind of situation was different. In effect, he was asking her to ignore her feelings of humanity.

“I’ll never be densensitized to this kind of brutality," she growled. "I’ll never want to be.”

"Even a cornered dog learns to fight," he said. "And it's way past your turn."

I'm a lighthearted person. Optimistic. Non-prosaic. Naive. I love to laugh. And this is hard as hell to write, but I have to write it so it'll get out of my head.

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