Super Sekret Spy Organimazations
Monday, November 19, 2007, 7:18 PM


I'm not going to go in-depth in to the reasons for these choices because this is an mmpublic blog and I would'na wanna somebody to run O.F.T. with my idears. (Yeah, so somebody in Australia, China or New York's already came up with one of these names, but probably not for the same reasons as I have.)

Cast your vote. I'll provide a little idea about why I think the name might work for my Spy Org based on whatfreakingever.

Eat your turkey first, yeah.

Blue Morpho

I was reading a romance novel when the image of a metallic blue butterfly made my eyes open wide with one of those ah-hah! moments. I scrambled for the pen and napkin beside my bed and wrote it down--oh if you could have seen me, you'd have laughed at what an idiot I looked like.

I've done a little research on Morphos butterflies, which are mostly colored blue and/or green metallic. (Yo, some are iridescent.) It's interesting to note that the color of the wings aren't due to pigmentation, but to iridescence; in which the color (interpretation) depends on the observer.

My problem with this one is that it doesn't really tie in with The Org's objectives. I just like the idea of the butterfly mascot. It's beautiful. Startling. Feminine. Plus, I'm open to the idea of character and plot interpretation, which means I can run with that idea.

(Um, I also can't discount the the image of the blue butterfly in front of Jodi Foster's mouth in Silence of the Lambs. Because you know somebody's going to think I'm ripping that off. )

Is it powerful enough? I have my doubts, but I imagine with enough brain power and backstory, I could come up with a damn good reason about why the Org's founder decided to name her faction after a startling-colored caterpillar.

The Trimurti

What's not to like about three gods who represent creation, preservation and destruction? Again, it comes down to realistically tying the name to my organization's creator (who is a woman). I love the sound of it--the Tri-mur-teee--but I'd like the name to be easily understood. Just about everyone would understand the idea of tri=three, right?

But where does the idea of three tie in to my novel? (Damn, damn, damn. That would mean more maneuvering. Which is intriguing because it opens more doors, but I've already left a row of open doors behind me.)

Not that it matters. My heart-mind-soul-infernal editor has already decided that my organization is going to be another integral character in my story.

(I've read) that it's the most quoted Bible psalm: The Lord is My shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to rest in greene pastures....

And then there's the 23 Enigma: the belief that all events are connected to the number 23. God, I love this idea, but I fully recognize it's way above my pinhead.


If you're a numerologist reading this...

A numerologist who just so happens to be interested in dark romantic suspense stories?

Fuh cripes sake, email me.


The Remover of Obstacles. (Eh! Innit she freaky looking?) Alas, she's an Indian/Hindu god who looks like Dumbo, circa 50 years or so. Not easily recognized here in America (and dare I say Canada or Britain also)? Few people would know Ganahsa from a Brazilian pasta dish without first Googling her (him, this is supposedly a male god). I'd have to do an info-freaking-dump and I'd almost rather go to the dentist and get a tooth pulled.

But again, it was one of the possibities that made my mouth open in that oh-so-honkey-dory way. And I know if I decide to go with this idea, I can make it work. That's a writer's job, no?

All3gory (misspelled deliberately)
...objects, persons, and actions in a narrative; equated with meanings that lie outside the narrative itself.

Meanings within meanings.

Not a real possibility, but I like it anyway because of the 3 in the word, ah-hah-hah-hah. (Then again, there is the merit of the idea of the allegory in the cave--oh, God, I love that, too.)

Somebody help me. Give me your opinion. I dare you.

No, really. Go ahead. I'm giving you carte blanche.

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