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Tuesday, April 22, 2008, 6:19 PM

I've been without a TV for a while now after my second one died, and I'm going through withdrawal, so I came home and Googled Best Buy. What I found was a youtube link showing a group of 80 people known as Improv Everywhere parading around a New York Best Buy store while wearing employee attire colors--just people off the street dressed in blue shirts and khaki pants.

Can you imagine that many blue shirts at your local Best Buy? Eighty extra blue shirts in addition to the store's own blue shirts?

What if you went up to one of the blue shirts and started to ask a question, then realized halfway through that there was no yellow badge of identification on their shirt? (What if you didn't notice?) Said one of the store's customers:

“Everyone in this [bleepy-bleep] store is wearing a blue shirt and nobody knows a thing!”

It's even better if you check out the blog entry FIRST and then watch the youtube video. Me? I saw the video, laughed, read the blog entry, watched the video again and laughed all over again.

Funny as hell. I loved it!

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