Blindside me with luck, I don't care
Wednesday, March 26, 2008, 6:07 PM

Me and four of my co-workers might win tonight's Super Lotto. This is what we have in our corner:

1. I played the six numbers from my fortune cookie, which said, "You should be coming into a great fortune." (It's okay if it's not grammatically correct, all I care about is the sentiment.)

2. We have a new co-worker who says she's lucky, that whenever she goes to parties, she always wins the door prize. I actually had her pick ten numbers, then I performed the sign of the cross afterwards.

3. Today is the birthday of a fellow co-worker lotto-player.

It's our time.

And when we win, I'm going to move from my no-balcony, no dishwasher, cave-like studio apartment (even though it's cool-lookin')...

...and get a house in the hills.

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