A call to arms
Sunday, June 08, 2008, 12:24 PM

In the last three weeks, an online LiveJournaler by the user name Silverwerecat has taken in two stray kittens that were abandoned by their mom cats. One of the kittens had a severely broken foreleg and a horrible injury at the base of her tail. And this doesn't count the the other two kittens she took in at the beginning of the year.

I've been reading Silverwerecat's journal for almost two years now--her LJ is my kitty-fix--and in that time, I believe she's taken in (and kept) four or more stray kittens, a tortoise she's named Penelope, at least one budgie birdy that I know about, found homes for numerous other kittens, and lost one of her own cats--a ginger cat like my boy, Buddy. She already has Sylvester, Miss Margie, Fluffa, Jasmin (a new addition this year), Phrixus, Gandalf (another new addition from last month), Lugh and Luna. And it looks like now Junior--who she found living under a car, starving to death and crying for his mom; and Calypso--the girl with the broken foreleg and now-amputated tail--will be added to the family.

All of her cats have been rescued. She has a big heart for helpless kitties. She does what she can for the outdoor wild kittens and cats, but obviously there are a few special cases every year who become part of the family. But taking in and taking care of these fur babies costs money and like most single women, she isn't made of it.

This post is a nudge for you animal lovers. Especially cat lovers. It's kitten birthing season in Greece, and I urge you to visit Silverwerecat's Journal, to get to know her and the cats. They're worth knowing. They're worth helping. At some of her reader's prompting, Silverwerecat set up a Pay Pay account for anyone who wants to help cover the costs of taking care of these fur babies.

If you can't help now, I hope you'll visit and continue visiting. If you do, I believe it's only a matter of time before you'll want to. (This last photo is of Calypso. If you click it, you can see her blue stitches, poor little girl.)

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