TT: Is that a whiskey?
Wednesday, May 07, 2008, 7:03 PM


1. I'm a staple-puller, quite OCD-ish about it actually.

2. A love note to myself. I've got lots of reminders set up on Outlook, but sometimes only a Post-It will do. Don't forget the thing with the thing in the thing, Andi.

3. My bottle of water. Yes, I know it's discolored and no, it's not pee. Lots of people do a double-take when they see my colored bottle. Gaspa, am I drinking on the job? More on that as we make the rounds of my world away from home.

4. Who can do data entry without a monitor to look at? Not me. It's a 15-incher by Xanex. (Okay, I forget the manufacturer.)

5. My haut red Samsung cell. Reception sucks at my apartment complex, but ain't she pretty?

6. Hail, it's a shame you can't see these photos, which were taken at Southtown Mall circa 1986 in one of those kadinky-dink photo booths. In one of them, there are four of us girls packed in there, but the only thing I notice is my big open mouth at the forefront, and my sister's purple eyeshadow--up to the eyebrow--in the back. It's one of my favorite photos ever. Who'da thunk it'd come from one of those cheap photo booths?

7. You can hardly see it, but this is the peach-colored package of the Crystal Light peach tea powder I pour into my bottles of water. I have a friggin-fraggin hard time gagging down water, so I need all the Crystal Light help I can get. I love the peach tea singles.

8. This is my green froggy. He's a magnet that comes apart in two places. I guess I could stick his rear end on the fridge, but I don't wanna. He's my desk mascot.

9. Two identical fortune cookie fortunes from Rice Chinese food. They both read: You're about to come into a great fortune. Apparently this doesn't mean a monetary fortune, because I've played the lucky numbers printed at the bottom of the slips more than one time, and haven't won diddly-squat.

10. My calculator, without which I'd be up Bumpy Poop Creek. I loves it, I loves it. (I should name it. Maybe Caleb and I could call him Cal for short.)

11. Okay, you can't see this at all, but it's a Far Side calendar joke-of-the-day that I regularly giggle-snort over. It's the one where a family of t-Rexes are seated at a dinner table. T-Rex's have big tails, mouths and legs, and weenie forearms. The balloon caption above Papa Rex reads: I AM trying to pass the potatoes. Remember, my forearms are as useless as yours.

12. I do a lot of writing at the job. I've got all colors of pens--purple, green, magenta, ice blue, dark blue--but I prefer pahnk.

13. X marks the spot of my supervisor's desk. I can't fart without her hearing. Of course, if I did, she'd laugh. She's just cool that way.

10 Did the Unhingey Jiggy Engage in Unhingenosity
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