Dishwashing Sekret
Sunday, March 06, 2011, 11:44 AM

We have a dishwasher at work. Actually, we have a full kitchen; oven, microwave, a refrigerator with photos stuck on it, cabinets full of mismatched dishes and unopened mustard and mayonnaise. All we really need is an oven mit.

Everyone in the office gradually fills the dishwasher as the day goes by. At the end of it, the dishwasher is an OCD's worst nightmare. There are coffee cups in the racks below, right between two un-rinsed dinner plates. There are more coffee cups than anything, and some of them are on the side in the top rack. It makes me laugh. Whenever I see it like this, I have to arrange things because I just gotta.

I used to organize my dishwasher like the Dewey Decimal system. All the small and lightweight stuff went up top. Dinner plates on the bottom, equally spaced. The smaller plates went in front of these plates. It didn't look right if they were at the back. Silverware was equally disbursed into the pockets, no more than two spoons to a pocket, dang it.

Before anything went into the dishwasher, though, it was rinsed clean. Lots of people think think this is supposed to be the dishwasher's job, but no. The dishwasher's purpose is to disinfect.

When it comes to the office dishwasher, though, I think it's a case of being chased away by the smell left over from unrinsed dishes. It gets trapped inside, you know, and it's really gross. It makes you want to only crack the door open an inch, toss your dishes inside, and make a run for it. Alllll the way back to your chair, yeah.

That's not the office's dishwasher's dog, by the way. Ours is a Scottish Terrier. His beard is always dirty.

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