Monday, January 09, 2006, 11:54 AM

I've been tagged to share five things that make me crazy by the Tiny Dancer girl.

1. Stale Chocolate
If I'm going to invest the time, money and calorie intake by eating it, it better be fresh. Bad things happened that day I got the stale Hershey's bar from the Marathon gas station--I think a small third world exploded. A word of caution to anyone who picks up a Hershey's candy bar: check the expiration date.

2. Loud Music Players
It's the age of Ipods, so why must I be party to your native's jungle beat that's loud enough to vibrate my liver? Even worse, why do you have to play the same song over and over? That's just wrong. And it makes me hate your guts.

3. Prima Donnas
She doesn't walk, she strides. If she's not wearing sunglasses, you can see the nasty look in her eyes. She's not worried about being polite or considerate because it's all about her, baby. And her hair. And her cell phone. Don't cross her path; she'll run you over in her shiny black Lexus and flick her cigarette butt at your startled face.

4. Getting up early
If I had my choice, I would toddle in to work when I was good and ready and not a minute before. Man, it sucks having to get out of bed when it's cold and dark outside!

5. Depression and unhappiness
Mine, actually. I'm ready to start feeling better again. I was ready the other day. Months ago. No one deserves to be unhappy. Especially not moi. So I'm trying to make up my mind that I feel better. Without gagging.


If you're reading this, I taggith you.

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