Goodbye, Monday
Monday, April 03, 2006, 8:55 PM


New Job.

Not enough sleep.

What's it called when three things intersect?

And most of it was a surprise.

Yesterday I was sitting at my computer (at home) and I got a phone call. I answered the call, then set the phone near my computer monitor. Some time later, I noticed the phone indicated that it was almost 5:00. And then for some reason, I'm looking at my TV. On top of the TV is my alarm clock ... which said it was almost 6:00.

Time change.

Friggin time change. I was almost robbed of an hour unawares! I could have shown up at work an hour later this morning. It's entirely possible. We didn't do the time change thing in Indiana.

Well, until this year. Man, Oogie is Peeeeee. Ooooohed. You get an hour back in the winter, I reminded her. She doesn't care. If The Powers That Be weren't robbing her of an hour now, there'd be no need to give it back to her later.

So I arrive at work on Monday (on time) because my old position morphed into 40 hours instead of 32. I'm sleepy and my butt's dragging even before I step foot inside the door. And then I'm informed that I start my new position today.


Like ... now.

And that's basically all I remember about Monday. It whipped by me like the wet towel the neighborhood bully used to snap at my butt.

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