Saturday, August 05, 2006, 8:58 PM

But not really. This is just a personal blog space. You want substantianality, eat some nuts. I saw the word substantianality on the side of a bus today. It was a Snickers candy bar advertisement and I hooted deep inside at seeing it because that's the kind of girl I am. I also knew I was going to use this word here. Yep. Knew it.

Anyway, every time I visit this place, I think about how I should write something. And I've tried a number of times--you see how many entry drafts I have. Pah. Thet. Ick.


They're doing pipe work or something on one of the streets I cross on my way to work. It smells like Playdoh, so I figure they must be digging into the ground. But each time I cross that road, I remember when I tried to mix blue and red Playdoh to get the color purple and how it never worked. And how I used to make a lot of eyeballs out of Playdoh. That was my thing. Sketching eyes and forming eyeballs out of Playdoh. And snakes because they were easy.


I think it's time to change soap and toothpaste brands. I grew up using Coast soap and Crest toothpaste, but then there was Ken and Ivory and Aqua-Fresh. White Cloud toilet paper wasn't good enough anymore, it had to be Northern because that's the best brand of toilet paper for a man to use. I'm not sure why, it has something to do with helping to prevent butt cancer. Ken could explain it better, but he'd die first before doing something like that in a public place.


I almost had another panic attack last week but I was able to breathe through it. The shrink thinks that's damn notable. I was awake at the time, I think that's notable. When did panic attacks start being a threat to my sleeptime?


I'm thinking about Las Vegas for a family vacay, just me, Rhonda and Oogie; and some kind of writer's retreat for my vacation. I can't believe I'm willing to go alone. Two years ago, this never would have even been a possibity for me.

Pote, did you ever think about a writer's retreat? I'm looking at The Bishop's Lodge in California for 2007. Read the website. Georgianna, how about you? Ever consider one of these type of vacations? Kris? Anybody else?

I'm also considering Esalen Institute in Big Sur for a weekend retreat. Of course, I can consider until Kingdom Come. Action is what I need, so sayith the shrink.

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