Beth and Teely
Sunday, July 22, 2007, 2:01 PM

I've been doing a lot of writing prompts lately. I used to pshaw them, but I see now how they get the creative juices flowing and unlock my brain. Hurray for writing prompts.

Below is one I did last week; an exercise about showing a descriptive scene of a girl put in a strange situation, meeting someone she otherwise wouldn't. It took on a young adult theme, which surprised me.


Yesterday Beth had read about the disappearance of another girl. Like the others who’d gone missing, the girl was shy, studious, overweight, and had no friends.

Just like she appeared to be, Beth told herself. As the unrecognized lead reporter for the school newspaper, she'd decided to investigate the disappearances, to break the geek's mold the rest of her classmates thought she fit into. After all, it might be her life she'd save.

The thought made her nails dig into her palm. God, she was so excited she was terrified. Or was she so terrified she was excited?

"I know-way who's-way akingtay the irlsgay," the voice on the phone had said.

Beth knew him as Teely. He gave her a headache by talking in pig Latin. One of the girls missing was his istersay.

Beth wondered why he insisted on meeting at the school after everyone had gone home, wondered where he'd gotten the key he'd shoved in between the slats of her locker. He was definitely razycray, but if he had a lead, it'd be worth it.

Someone cleared his throat behind her and Beth spun around in the chair. The soft light of the aquarium in Ms. Barnom's classroom painted what had to be Teely's pointy-nosed face in blue moodiness.

"Oodyay etterbay ave-hay come aloneway," he whispered.


That's where I left it because generally, you're not supposed to spend more than 15 minutes on a prompt. It's kind of strange, though, that Teely and Beth keep popping up my mind. How does he know what's happened to those missing girls? And is Beth really in danger?

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