My life is a cliche
Monday, July 30, 2007, 9:06 PM

I laughed myself hoarse for hours tonight over a bunch of funny cat videos on youtube. Didn't even realize so much time had passed. Fricken youtube. This is my favorite (turn your speakers on): Oh my dog!

My youtube adventure began with Taylor Mali's The The Impotence of Proofreading. I all about through my back out laughing. I kept clicking on cheesy videos, having a whale of a time, and then all of a sudden I had to pee like a racehorse. Talk about putting a crimp in my fullness of time.

I deleted the I'm a Simpson in Paradise post because it was annoying me. Not only was it taking the page forever to load, I was walking too argen fargen slowly. I got ants in my pants waiting for my poker face to come out from behind the tree. Plus, my body looked stiffer than a two peckered billy goat.

Which brings to mind how unhappy I am with my flesh and bone body. I've been off my meds (and off my rocker) for two months now. No happy pills. And now I know what the difference is, at least for me: on a pill=don't worry, be happy; off a pill=ugly as sin. Since I did little to break out of the protective Zorb I rolled down the hill inside, maybe I'll do something now that I feel like a rat in a cage. Like, really working out. Like, writing and feeling that sense of accomplishment.

Well, hope springs eternal. And dream big, win big.

Meanwhile, I'm trying my hand at writing sentences with words that all begin with the same letter because I'm a witless, weirdo writer who was weaned on Wheaties and Whoopers (the candy, not the burger). Beware, the thesaurus.

Several suspicious suspects suggest sex.

Fido's fleas feinted fleeing.

She sneezed snot, snuffed, shuddered.

Too tired to travel.

Which means it's time to make like a banana and split.

4 Did the Unhingey Jiggy Engage in Unhingenosity
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