Friday, October 05, 2007, 9:02 PM

How many wet toilet seats does it take to make me gag?


But I saw four wet toilet seats this week in the swanky building where I work. What's worse is the stench that announces this act (usually something I only smell when I'm out at the bars). Two feet inside the restroom, I can tell if some chick's pissed on the seat and left it that way.

Who is it these sorry excuses for girls think they're shitting on by leaving the seats this way? The cleaning ladies? The clients who visit the building? The building's co-habiters?

Not that it matters. These disgusting idiots obviously need a refresher course in potty training and etiquette, and a bitch slap.

I wish I could write about this with a humorous slant, but it pisses me off too much.

Yeah, pun intended.

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