Monday, January 19, 2009, 9:50 PM

It's late. I'm tired. I meant to write an update yesterday yesterday, dang it. These are my favorite kind of posts, anyway. Being randomistic means I don't have to concentrate. Yaay.

Sneezing in the office
Do you feel guilty if you don’t say bless you to someone who sneezes? I do. It's like pulling the staples out of pages--I just have to friggen do it.

And then there are the times when I sneeze and no one says bless you, which is a very bad thing for my co-workers because when I sneeze, my heart stops…and that’s supposedly when my body can be inhabited by an evil spirit.

So I’ve been writing these fan fiction pieces and suffering from a case of the doubts because people aren’t slobbering all over their monitors and keyboards like I thought they would. (Yeah, you can laugh.) Either this means I’m nuts and totally out of my head when it comes to imagining what people want to read, or I really do suck at writing. Probably it means that when it comes to Twilight fanfic, I should write in first person point of view (which I suck at). But man! I've had such a blast writing what I have so far and I know that's the important thing, the key thing. I just...hoped...for more response.

If I seem needy, dammit, it's because I am.

Cop a squat
Thanks to a peeping Tom, the building where I work is now locking the restroom doors and issuing keys to the tenants. (I was not peeped on. Um, to my knowledge.) Anyway, now I am forced to use the smelly one-stall-ONLY restroom on my floor (as long as I remember my key), or I have to mosey down to the dark, argen-fargen frigid first floor restroom that the building is NOT going to lock.

Fun, fun, fun, I tell you.

My mom’s best friend’s husband is dying from pancreatic cancer and I can’t believe it. They’ve given him two weeks to live and I can’t believe it. He’s so full of life. How can this happen?

My world is so easy to rock nowadays. It makes me feel anxious.

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, and tomorrow Barack Obama takes office. It feels like Fate.

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