The mystery of it all
Sunday, April 09, 2006, 7:26 PM

Well, guess what? I found my electric screwdriver (and its bits) on Saturday afternoon. I was looking for my big cookie sheet and there it was--the screwdriver that had been missing since my move-in day--in the skinny bottom cabinet usually reserved for baking sheets. God knows what it was doing there, but I was just happy to see it.

I suspect I'll find my heavy metal curtain rod hangers in my underware drawer. And my hammer in the flour tin.

(By the way, thanks for my sah-weet pink tool kit, Becky! Like she wrote in her note: Ain't no guy likely to run off with a pink-handled hammer or pair o' pliers, ay wot?)

I took some great photos of my messy apartment, exported them to Freehand, closed the document, then immediately erased them from my camera card's memory. Meanwhile, I forgot to copy the photos over to a file so Freehand can find them when I open the file again. So ... no photos. But perhaps it's just as well because my apartment is still ker-plunk and I'd rather it was ker-ching.

In other news, I'm loving my new job. I'm not sure why because the new job is all about numbers and invoices and getting checks out on time, and I've never been about that kind of stuff. I'd rather get a tooth pulled at the dentist than to deal with numbers. But I like it anyway.

The company must be putting something in the water.

Last, but not least, I'm here to do my civic blogish duty for (whose reviews and opinions I admire) and for romance (something else I adore, endorse and urge upon you). Click here, read, and see the movie. Go. You have to see what he says. This is a 20-something guy with an incredible command of English and he's given a rare four-star rating to a sleeper romance/comedy about tween first love. It's not something you're going to read (or see) often.

Netflix, here I come.

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