United 93
Sunday, April 30, 2006, 1:46 PM

I just spent 20 minutes reading reviews of the film United 93 while bawling my eyes out. I wanted to see what the critics had to say; I have no intention to go to see it, even though I've read that the film wasn't about Hollywood entertainment (which had been my main outrage about the film even being made in the first place). And now that I see it's not about that at all, I still won't see it, for the same reason I didn't see The Passion of the Christ or Titanic.

I know what's going to happen. Why put my heart, soul and body through an emotional wringer?

On the night of 9/11, I dreamed about flight 93. I dreamed about the planes flying into the World Trade Center and heard Lee Greenwood's song, I'm Proud To Be An American, all frigging night long, but it was the thought of what might have happened on flight 93 that filled me with the most pain, horror and awe. Apparently I wasn't alone in that because now there's this film.

I won't see it, though. I don't need to see it to remember what happened that day.

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