Unhinged in the City
Friday, December 29, 2006, 5:59 PM

It feels weird being home since I haven’t been lately. I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of being homebody. Woo, it’s rough.

I was house and pet sitting for a friend during the days just before Christmas, for a little alien calico girl and a grumpy orange tabby. They’re such sweethearts, both of them in their own way. Fidget is the calico’s name and she’s the equivalent of a Joe Cool. Nothing fazes her, except maybe for a stuffy nose. (A cat can snort. A cat can sneeze all over you and make you flinch.) I love how she lets me lay my head on her side and gaze up into her pretty kitty eyes. She earned her name because she’s a fidgety foo to the oomph degree. And she earned her nickname because she sounds like an alien when Kitty Madness strikes. Instead of tearing around the house howling like a normal cat does, she’ll say, “Eeee-ear. Eeee-ear.”

Gromit is the orange grumpy Gus, the kitty who looks so much like my Pooky boy. My heart goes out to this scowly cat because he’s been through so much and is still going through a lot. We believe he had a tough kittyhood fraught with the wrong kind of attention. Plus, he’s had medical issues even before his mommy swooped in to save his life, so he’s understandably wary of strangers and of life. I’m as gentle with him as I used to be with my Pooky, but Gromit still won’t let me pet him much—only when he’s taken unawares. He swats at me with his claws sheathed, so it’s more of a gentle paw pat. His mom tells me he was the same way with her when she first took him into her home—hissy and standoffish, and that she finally won him over when she decided to ignore his grumpiness. She just picked him up and settled him beside her … and he stayed.


It was weird not being home for Christmas Eve (again), but I talked to Oogie and to my sister. And on Christmas morning, I got up and opened my presents. My booty? Omaha steaks, candles, candle holders, a wicker box, a Coach coin purse, A Victoria’s Secret gift certificate, a wine bottle with lights inside (my favorite), wall plaques, chocolate and clothes. One of the tops I got is Victorian-like with a ruffled neck and sleeves. I can’t wait to wear it.

I went to a friend’s on Christmas Day. We had wine, beer, tamales and a black light. My knees are still sore from dancing.

For New Year’s, I’m going to a Killers concert hosted by Carmen Electra in the Paramount Studio’s Backlot. Apparently we can take a bus there (for free), so we’re going to have an Omaha steak dinner at my place first, then mosey on down the street to the studio.

Dude, I hope it dudn’t rain.

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