The red carpet
Wednesday, January 03, 2007, 6:33 PM

It's still New Year's Eve here at Unhinged. If it takes me a week to recount the madness of Sunday night, so be it.

This is T, me and A before we left for the evening. All three of us were mightily merry by this point, and ready to hear us some Killers.

So. The red carpet; by the time we hit it, it was LATE. Like three a.m. or so. Otherwise, I'm sure The Powers That Be would have shooed us away like the drunken gnats we were.

I'm not sure who the guy under the yellow hat was, but when you're drinking, there comes a point when no one is a stranger. I remember trying to warm the arms of a girl who'd unwisely worn a sleeveless top (in fifty-degree weather), trying to give poor relationship advice to someone else, and later engaging in a locklip with some guy in a white shirt who I'd spilled my wine on. He was a good kisser, though, and he did deserve it.

More adventures to come! I only have the patience to do this photo uploading in small increments.

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