Wednesday, April 11, 2007, 6:17 PM

Can a spider blink?

I read this question on a bulletin board today and laughed myself into a runny nose. One of the answers was: Maybe if you threw sand into its eyes.

And I was off and laughing again.


I've taken a number of photos with my nifty new camera and they all look gorgeous. Because I've got such a high pixel setting going on (and don't know how to change it to a lower pixel setting yet, since that would involve reading the manual), I can't play with any of them. All I can do is upload them to Blogger in all their glory. Hence, the wee figure of the redheaded girl--surrounded by the bigger margins of glass and brick--in the window to the left.


This morning before the alarm woke me, I dreamed about missing silverware at work. I needed a fork in the worst way and when I opened the drawer, there were no forks to be found. But you know what? We've been noticing that our silverware has been disappearing. Why I dreamed about this and not about sex or flying (I have a thing about flying) is beyond me. I have a wee theory about the missing silverware, though. There's this girl at work who keeps throwing her forks away. She's done it twice that I know of. Maybe she's thrown more forks away than I think ...


I heard on the radio this morning that Kelly Clarkson will soon have her own brand of vitamin water. Sheeshus! I don't feel sorry for her for having to lose weight first, either, because this is ridiculous. Don't we have enough bottled water available already? Isn't La Clarkson rich enough already? What's next? Kleenex? Crackers? Rugs? All of these personal celebrity-named products make me chortle mightilty (and snicker heavily, sigh noisily, roll my eyes exaggeratedly, and gag myself repeatedly).


Uh, Dr. Phil's slogan for Match.com, it doesn't hurt to look, is a big fat lie. They will not let me look unless I create a profile of my own.

And I ain't gonna, dammit.

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