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Sunday, April 01, 2007, 9:19 PM

Springtime in Los Angeles means more wind than usual and more gray skies, but not today. It’s sunny and in the mid-seventies. My sunglasses are heavy on my nose (because I didn’t get the feather-damned-weights) and I see everything through an amber light. It reminds me of movies like Erin Brocovich and The Matrix, which were both filmed in a colored lense that suggested a sense of oppression. I’d take the sunglasses off, but I don’t have my other pair of glasses and removing them would mean I'd be like one of the three blind mice … and besides, anybody living in L.A. knows that you don’t step foot outside the door without a pair of shades on your nose.

So I’m walking down my street’s sidewalk, scoping out the doggies, patches of green grass, and apartment balconies. I wish I had one. Maybe in two years. Maybe here, maybe not, who knows? It’s quiet outside for an early Sunday afternoon and I figure people are either hung over or away for the day, but whichever it happens to be, it’s nice. And I’m happy being here.

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